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Why "cactus + olives"? Are you a gardening nursery?

I get asked this a lot.  The name is a kind of personal and "inside" reference to the prickly pear cacti, called fichi d'india, and the thousands of ancient and gnarled olives trees that grow all over the south of Italy, Spain and Greece.  The name and the shop are my homage to these lands where my heart resides and I long to be.  (And, no, we don't sell garden plants and trees.)

But I live far, far away from those lands, and as much as I would love to just pack up and move... life has other plans for me right now.  But I won't stop dreaming.  And so, I have been gathering things from there for years and also wondering how I could share all of this and somehow blend it all into a business.  

Then, one day I was looking at an Instagram post and saw a fabulous hand painted handbag from Italy that I knew I had to have.  A conversation started with one of the owners of that small company, with me asking how I could purchase one for myself and have it shipped over. At that precise instant, I had one of my "crazy ideas". Why couldn't I start an online boutique where I could bring these piece here to the women who would love to purchase them without making the trip overseas?  Why not?  Per che no?  

So I trusted my crazy idea, and talked with several of those small companies in Italy and Greece about working with me to bring their product to market here in the States.  Most were interested.  Some were a little skeptical, some were excited.  And now it is a reality.

Cactus + olives exists to bring you unique and quality wearables and accessories from some of those places, and more.  We will feature items from far away, or made from materials from there, or things that are reminiscent of the areas, such as clothing made for travel, journals, etc.

If you love to travel to somewhere far away, where the language is soft and luscious, and the sea is crystal blue and warm, but just can't get away, then stay awhile in our boutique. Hopefully, you will find something here to make you feel a little more like you are there.




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